Patterned Glass is a kind of decorative translucent flat glass with embossed patterns on one or both surfaces. With the special properties of decorations, patterned glass can fully allow the light to pass through and on the other hand, it can limit or prevent a clear view effectively, leading to a good “secret” result and a beautiful decorative effect.


  1. Diversified and colorful patterns including Karatachi, Flora, Mistlite, Nashiji, Kasumi, Chinchilla, Moran, Aqualite, Masterlite, Millennium, Raindown , etc.
  2. Distinctive and original design.
  3. Stereoscopic effects and never-fading patterns.
  4. Easy to be processed (cutted, ground, drilled, tempered , laminated, screen-printed, etc.) Patterns for you to choose from:

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